504-7 (12 Cards)
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1 Capsule a small case or covering جعبه یا روکش کوچک a. The small capsule contained notes the spy had written after the meeting. b. A new, untested medicine was detected in the capsule by the police scientists. c. He explored the space capsule for special equipment.
2 Consent agree; give permission or approval موافقت کردن ، اجازه یا رضایت دادن a. My teacher consented to let our class leave early. b. David would not consent to our plan. c. The majority of our club members consented to raise the dues.
3 Denounce condemn in public; express strong disapproval of آشکارا محکوم کردن ، ابراز نارضایتی شدید کردن از a. The father denounced his son for lying to the district attorney. b. Some people denounce the government for probing into their private lives. c. Ralph Nader, the consumer advocate, denounced the defective products being sold.
4 Gloomy dark; dim; in low spirits تاریک ، کم نور ، با روحیه ی پایین a. My cousin was gloomy because his best friend had moved away. b. The reason Doris wasn't popular was that she always had a gloomy appearance. c. Jones Beach is not so beautiful on a gloomy day.
5 Massive big and heavy; large and solid; bulky بزگ ، سنگین ، درشت و تو پر، حجیم a. The boss asked some employees to lift the massive box. b. From lifting weights, Willie had developed massive arm muscles. c. The main building on the campus was so massive that the new students had trouble finding their way around at first.
6 Molest interfere with and trouble; disturb مزاحم شدن و اذیت کردن ، آزار دادن a. My neighbor was molested when walking home from the subway. b. The gang did a thorough job of molesting the people in the park. c. Lifeguards warned the man not to molest any of the swimmers.
7 Postpone put off to a later time; delay به زمان دیگری موکول کردن ، به تاخیر انداختن ، به تعویق انداختن a. The young couple wanted to postpone their wedding until they were sure they could handle the burdens of marriage. b. I neglected to postpone the party because I thought everyone would be able to come. c. The supermarket's owner planned to postpone the grand opening until Saturday.
8 Preserve keep from harm or change; keep safe; protect از تغییر یا آسیب دور نگه داشتن ، سالم نگه داشتن ، محافظت کردن a. The lawyers wanted to preserve the newest reforms in the law. b. Farmers feel that their rural homes should be preserved. c. Records of Hank Aaron's home runs will undoubtedly be preserved in the Baseball Hall of Fame.
9 Resent feel injured and angered at (something) از چیزی احساس آزردگی خاطر یا عصبانیت کردن a. Bertha resented the way her boyfriend treated her. b. The earthquake victim resented the poor emergency care. c. Columbus resented the fact that his crew wanted to turn back.
10 Torrent any violent, rushing stream; flood هر جریان خروشان و خشن a. A massive rain was coming down in torrents. b. In the debate, a torrent of questions was asked. c. After trying to defraud the public, Lefty was faced with a torrent of charges.
11 Unforeseen not known beforehand; unexpected از قبل نامعلوم ، غیر منتظره ، پیش بینی نشده a. We had some unforeseen problems with the new engine. b. The probe into the Congressman's finances turned up some unforeseen difficulties. c. The divers faced unforeseen trouble in their search for the wreck.
12 Unique having no like or equal; being the only one of its kind برابر یا شبیه ندارد ، در نوع خود تک است ، منحصر به فرد ، بی همتا a. Going to Africa was a unique experience for us. b. The inventor developed a unique method of making ice cream. c. Albie has a unique collection of Israeli stamps.