504-6 (12 Cards)
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1 Approach come near or nearer to نزدیک شدن به a. The lawyers in the Simpson trial were often asked to approach the bench. b. Her beau kissed Sylvia when he approached her. c. Ben approached the burden of getting a job with a new spirit.
2 Client person for whom a lawyer acts; customer شخصی که وکیل برای او کار می کند ، موکل ، مشتری a. The lawyer told her client that she could predict the outcome of his trial. b. My uncle tried to get General Motors to be a client of his company. c. If this restaurant doesn't improve its service, all its clients will vanish.
3 Comprehensive including much; covering completely فراگیر ، جامع a. After a comprehensive exam, my doctor said I was in good condition. b. The engineer gave our house a thorough, comprehensive check-up before my father bought it. c. Mrs. Silver wanted us to do a comprehensive study of Edgar Allan Poe.
4 Deceive make someone believe as true something that is false; mislead شخصی را وادار به باور چیزی دروغ کردن ، گمراه کردن a. Atlas was deceived about the burden he had to carry. b. Virginia cried when she learned that her best friend had deceived her. c. The villain deceived Chief White Cloud by pretending to be his friend.
5 Defect fault; that which is wrong عیب ، نقص a. My Chevrolet was sent back to the factory because of a steering defect. b. His theory of the formation of our world was filled with defects. c. The villain was caught because his plan had many defects.
6 Defraud take money, rights, etc., away by cheating گرفتن پول و حقوق دیگران از راه کلاهبرداردی ، کلاهبرداری کردن از a. My aunt saved thousands of dollars by defrauding the government. b. If we could eliminate losses from people who defraud the government, tax rates could be lowered. c. By defrauding his friend, Dexter ruined a family tradition of honesty.
7 Detect find out; discover پی بردن ، کشف کردن a. Sam Spade detected that the important papers had vanished. b. From her voice it was easy to detect that Ellen was frightened. c. We detected from the messy room that a large group of people had assembled there.
8 Employee a person who works for pay شخصی که در ازای مزد کار می کند ، کارمند a. The employees went on strike for higher wages. b. My boss had to fire many employees when meat became scarce. c. Joey wanted to go into business for himself and stop being an employee.
9 Neglect give too little care or attention to خیلی کم اهمیت دادن یا توجه کردن به a. The senator neglected to make his annual report to Congress. b. Bob's car got dirty when he neglected to keep it polished. c. It is essential that you do not neglect your homework.
10 Popular liked by most people محبوب اکثر مردم ، پرطرفدار a. The Beatles wrote many popular songs. b. At one time mini-skirts were very popular. c. Popular people often find it hard to evade their many friends.
11 Thorough being all that is needed; complete کامل ، جامع a. The police made a thorough search of the house after the crime had been reported. b. My science teacher praised Sandy for doing a thorough job of cleaning up the lab. c. Mom decided to spend the day in giving the basement a thorough cleaning.
12 Undoubtedly certainly; beyond doubt قطعاً ، بدون شک a. Ray's team undoubtedly had the best debators in our county. b. The pilgrims undoubtedly assembled to travel to Rome together. c. If she didn't want to get into an argument, Valerie would have followed the majority undoubtedly.