504-5 (12 Cards)
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1 Assemble gather together; bring together گرد آمدن ، جمع آوری کردن a. The rioters assembled outside the White House. b. I am going to assemble a model of a spacecraft. c. All the people who had assembled for the picnic vanished when the rain began to fall.
2 Burden what is carried; a load آنچه حمل می شود ، بار a. The burden of the country's safety is in the hands of the President. b. Irma found the enormous box too much of a burden. c. Ricky carried the burden throughout his college career.
3 Campus grounds of a college, university, or school محوطه ی یک دانشکده ، دانشکده یا مدرسه a. The campus was designed to utilize all of the college's buildings. b. Jeff moved off campus when he decided it was cheaper to live at home. c. I chose to go to Penn State because it has a beautiful campus.
4 Debate a discussion in which reasons for and against something are brought out بحثی که در آن دلایل موافق و مخالف چیزی مطرح می شود a. The debate between the two candidates was heated. b. Debate in the U.S. Senate lasted for five days. c. Instead of shrieking at each other, the students decided to have a debate on the topic.
5 Evade get away from by trickery or cleverness با کلک یا زرنگی از چیزی دور شدن a. Juan tried to evade the topic by changing the subject. b. In order to evade the police dragnet, Ernie grew a beard. c. The prisoner of war evaded questioning by pretending to be sick.
6 Explore go over carefully; look into closely; examine سیاحت کردن ، اکتشاف کردن ، بررسی کردن a. Lawyer Spence explored the essential reasons for the crime. b. The Weather Bureau explored the effects of the rainy weather. c. Sara wanted to know if all of the methods for solving the problem had been explored.
7 Majority the larger number; greater part; more than half تعداد بیشتر ، قسمت عمده ، بیش از نیم ، اکثریت a. A majority of votes was needed for the bill to pass. b. The majority of people prefer to pay wholesale prices for meat. c. In some countries, the government does not speak for the majority of the people.
8 Probe search into; examine thoroughly; investigate کاوش کردن ، کاملاً برررسی کردن ، تحقیق کردن a. The lawyer probed the man's mind to see if he was innocent. b. After probing the scientist's theory, we proved it was correct. c. King Henry's actions were carefully probed by the noblemen.
9 Reform make better; improve by removing faults بهتر کردن ، با رفع اشکالات بهبود بخشیدن a. After the prison riot, the council decided to reform the correctional system. b. Brad reformed when he saw that breaking the law was hurting people other than himself. c. Only laws that force companies to reform will clear the dangerous vapors from our air.
10 Rural in the country روستایی a. Tomatoes are less expensive at the rural farm stand. b. Rural areas are not densely populated. c. The rural life is much more peaceful than the city one.
11 Topic subject that people think, write, or talk about موضوعی که مردم درباره ی آن فکر می کنند ، می نویسند وی اصحبت می کنند ، مبحث a. Predicting the weather is our favorite topic of conversation. b. Valerie only discussed topics that she knew well. c. The speaker's main topic was how to eliminate hunger in this world.
12 Tradition beliefs, opinions, and customs handed down from one generation to another باور ها ، اعتقادات و رسومی که از نسلی به نسل دیگر منتقل می شود a. The father tried to persuade his son that the tradition of marriage was important. b. All religions have different beliefs and traditions. c. As time goes on, we will eliminate traditions which are meaningless.