504-4 (12 Cards)
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1 Circulate go around; go from place to place or person to person پخش شدن ، از مکانی به مکانی یا از شخصی به شخصی رفتن a. A fan may circulate the air in summer, but it doesn't cool it. b. My father circulated among the guests at the party and made them feel comfortable. c. Hot water circulates through the pipes in the building, keeping the room warm.
2 Dense closely packed together; thick متراکم ، غلیظ a. The dense leaves on the trees let in a minimum of sunlight. b. We couldn't row because of the dense weeds in the lake. c. His keen knife cut through the dense jungle.
3 Descend go or come down from a higher place to a lower level پایین رفتن یا پایین آمدن از مکانی بالاتر به سطحی پایین تر a. If we let the air out of a balloon, it will have to descend. b. The pilot, thinking his plane was in peril, descended quickly. c. Knowing her beau was waiting at the bottom of the staircase, Eleanor descended at once.
4 Eliminate get rid of; remove; omit رها شدن از ، برداشتن ، حذف کردن a. When the railroad tracks are raised, the danger of crossing will be eliminated. b. When figuring the cost of a car, don't eliminate such extras as air conditioning. c. If we were to eliminate all reclining chairs, no one would fall asleep while watching television.
5 Enormous extremely large; huge بی نهایت بزرگ ، عظیم a. The enormous crab moved across the ocean floor in search of food. b. Public hangings once drew enormous crowds. c. The gallant knight drew his sword and killed the enormous dragon.
6 Humid moist; damp مرطوب ، نمناک a. It was so humid in our classroom that we wished the school would buy an air conditioner. b. New Yorkers usually complain in the summer of the humid air. c. Most people believe that ocean air is quite humid.
7 Predict tell beforehand از پیش گفتن ، پیش گویی کردن a. Weathermen can predict the weather correctly most of the time. b. Who can predict the winner of the Superbowl this year? c. Laura thought she could predict what I would do, but she was wrong.
8 Theory explanation based on thought, observation, or reasoning توضیح بر اساس اندیشه ، مشاهده یا استدلال ، نظریه ، فرضیه a. Einstein's theory is really too difficult for the average person to understand. b. My uncle has a theory about the effect of weather on baseball batters. c. No one has advanced a theory explaining the beginnings of writing.
9 Utilize make use of استفاده کردن از a. No one seems willing to utilize this vacant house. b. The gardener was eager to utilize different flowers and blend them in order to beautify the borders. c. Does your mother utilize leftovers in her cooking?
10 Vanish disappear; disappear suddenly محو شدن ، ناگهان ناپدید شدن a. Even in California the sun will sometimes vanish behind a cloud. b. Not even a powerful witch can make a jealous lover vanish. c. Give him a week without a job and all his money will vanish.
11 Vapor moisture in the air that can be seen; fog; mist بخار هوا که می توان آن را دید ، مه ، غبار a. Scientists have devised methods for trapping vapor in bottles so they can study its make-up. b. He has gathered data on the amount of vapor rising from the swamp. c. A vapor trail is the visible stream of moisture left by the engines of a jet flying at high altitudes.
12 Villain a very wicked person آدم بسیار بد جنس و پست a. A typical moving picture villain gets killed at the end. b. The villain concealed the corpse in the cellar. c. When the villain fell down the well, everyone lived happily ever after.