504-3 (12 Cards)
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1 Annual once a year; something that appears yearly or lasts for a year سالی یکبار ، چیزی که هر ساله پدیدار می شود یا به مدت یک سال طول می کشد ، سالانه a. The annual convention of musicians takes place in Hollywood. b. The publishers of the encyclopedia put out a book each year called an annual. c. Plants that live only one year are called annuals.
2 Blend mix together thoroughly; a mixture کاملاً با هم ترکیب کردن ، مخلوط a. The colors of the rainbow blend into one another. b. A careful blend of fine products will result in delicious food. c. When Jose blends the potatoes together, they come out very smooth.
3 Devise think out; plan; invent ابداع کردن ، برنامه ریزی کردن ، اختراع کردن a. The burglars devised a scheme for entering the bank at night. b. I would like to devise a method for keeping my toes from becoming numb while I am ice skating. c. If we could devise a plan for using the abandoned building, we could save thousands of dollars.
4 Essential necessary; very important ضروری ، بسیار مهم a. The essential items in the cake are flour, sugar, and shortening. b. It is essential that we follow the road map. c. Several layers of thin clothing are essential to keeping warm in frigid climates.
5 Expensive costly; high-priced گران ، پرهزینه a. Because diamonds are scarce they are expensive. b. Margarine is much less expensive than butter. c. Shirley's expensive dress created a great deal of excitement at the party.
6 Minimum the least possible amount; the lowest amount کمترین مقدار ممکن ، پایین ترین مقدار a. Studies show that adults need a minimum of six hours sleep. b. The minimum charge for a telephone, even if no calls are made, is about nine dollars a month. c. Congress has set a minimum wage for all workers.
7 Persuade win over to do or believe; make willing متقاعد کردن ، راضی کردن a. Can you persuade him to give up his bachelor days and get married? b. No one could persuade the captain to leave the sinking ship. c. Beth's shriek persuaded Jesse that she was in real danger.
8 Scarce hard to get; rare کمیاب ، نادر a. Chairs which are older than one hundred years are scarce. b. Because there is little moisture in the desert, trees are scarce. c. How scarce are good cooks?
9 Talent natural ability توانایی ذاتی a. Medori's talent was noted when she was in first grade. b. Feeling that he had the essential talent, Carlos tried out for the school play. c. Hard work can often make up for a lack of talent.
10 Typical usual; of a kind معمولی a. The sinister character in the movie wore a typical costume, a dark shirt, loud tie, and tight jacket. b. The horse ran its typical race, a slow start and a slower finish, and my uncle lost his wager. c. It was typical of the latecomer to conceal the real cause of his lateness.
11 Visible able to be seen قابل رویت a. The ship was barely visible through the dense fog. b. Before the stars are visible, the sky has to become quite dark. c. You need a powerful lens to make some germs visible.
12 Wholesale in large quantity; less than retail in price به میزان گسترده ، کمتر از قیمت خرده فروشی ، عمده فروشی a. The wholesale price of milk is six cents a quart lower than retail. b. Many people were angered by the wholesale slaughter of birds. c. By buying my ties wholesale I save fifteen dollars a year.