Vocab (128 Cards)
 by frostami.1988@gmail.com
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1 absurd 1. stupid and unreasonable, or silly in a humorous way:(adj) What an absurd thing to say! Don't be so absurd! Of course, I want you to come. It's an absurd situation - neither of them will talk to the other. Do I look absurd in this hat? 2.the absurd: things that happen that are stupid or unreasonable: The whole situation borders on the absurd. She has a keen sense of the absurd. 3.ridiculous or completely unreasonable:(adj) [ + to infinitive ] It is absurd for the council to cut taxes without proposing another way to raise money. absurdity(noun)
2 accreditation 1. the fact of being officially recognized, accepted, or approved of, or the act of officially recognizing, accepting, or approving of something:(noun) The college was given full accreditation in 1965. The committee has established new procedures for the accreditation of degrees. 2.official approval, esp. in order to maintain satisfactory standards: The hospital was threatened with the loss of accreditation if it did not improve the quality of its care. accredited adjective [ not gradable ] Only accredited journalists are admitted to White House press conferences. 3.if something has accreditation, it is officially accepted as being of a particular standard: gain/get/receive accreditation The law school hopes to gain full accreditation from the American Bar Association. keep/lose accreditation The school district lost its accreditation last year and faces a state takeover in June if test scores fail to improve.
3 adversity 1. a difficult or unlucky situation or event: [ C/U ] She was always cheerful in adversity. The road to happiness is paved with adversities. 2.a difficult or unlucky situation or event: [ U ] She’s cheerful in the face of adversity.
4 Agony noun [U/C] 1.extreme physical or mental pain or suffering: She lay there screaming in agony. I was in an agony of suspense. We've both suffered agonies of guilt over what happened. It must be agony for them to say goodbye. 2.extreme physical or mental pain or suffering, or a period of such suffering: [ U ] They put her on painkillers, but they didn’t do enough, and she was in agony.
5 ambivalent adjective 1.having two opposing feelings at the same time, or being uncertain about how you feel: I felt very ambivalent about leaving home. He has fairly ambivalent feelings towards his father. an ambivalent attitude to exercise My wife loves the opera, but I have ambivalent feelings about it. ambivalence: nount[U]
6 amenity noun [ C usually plural ] 1.something, such as a swimming pool or shopping centre, that is intended to make life more pleasant or comfortable for the people in a town, hotel, or other place: The council has some spare cash, which it proposes to spend on public amenities. basic amenities: things considered to be necessary to live comfortably, such as hot water: The 200-year-old jail is overcrowded, understaffed, and lacking in basic amenities. 2.something intended to make life more pleasant or comfortable for people: Straus established employee amenities such as restrooms, medical care, and a lunchroom. 3.something such as a swimming pool or shopping area that is intended to make life more pleasant or convenient for people in a town, hotel, or other place: public amenities.
7 analogous 1. having similar features to another thing and therefore able to be compared with it: The experience of mystic trance is in a sense analogous to sleep or drunkenness. The emergency vehicle for the International Space Station is analogous to a lifeboat.
8 anecdote
9 aristocratic
10 arsenal
11 aspiration
12 assimilate
13 bestow
14 bizarre
15 breach
16 canine
17 causality
18 circuitry
19 civic
20 colossal
21 Conformity
22 consensus
23 copious
24 corollary
25 counterproductive
26 crack a case
27 crumbly
28 curbing
29 debris
30 decisiveness
31 derive
32 descant
33 devolution
34 diligently
35 discernment
36 disparate climate
37 dispelled
38 disproportionately
39 dynamic equilibrium a situation in which two opposite chemical reactions happen at the same speed: The development of dynamic equilibrium macroeconomics required the integration of optimal capital accumulation and infinite-horizon general equilibrium models.
40 dynasties
41 eccentric
42 economic stagnation
43 egalitarian
44 employ
45 equidistant from somewhere
46 err
47 exertion
48 explanatory
49 exquisitely
50 extenuating
51 fable
52 feat
53 final stance
54 formidable
55 fortification
56 glee
57 gracefully
58 grains
59 grind to a hault
60 gulosity
61 herald
62 hominid
63 impair
64 imperatives
65 Impetus
66 imprudent
67 inadvertently
68 incidence
69 indispensable
70 instill
71 insulate
72 intertwined
73 justice league
74 lavish
75 lay claim
76 levy
77 lump
78 mar
79 monetary resources
80 multidirectional fashion
81 municipality
82 onus
83 overhang
84 patronage
85 paved road
86 perspiration
87 physique
88 Plagiarism
89 plight
90 prattling
91 precariously
92 precocity
93 preoccupy
94 prerequisite
95 prevailing
96 privatized
97 prodigy
98 rammed
99 reap the fruits
100 reciprocal
101 relice
102 requisite program
103 rigorous
104 roamed
105 sabbatical
106 scheme
107 scrutinize
108 scrutiny noun[U] 1.the careful and detailed examination of something in order to get information about it: The government's record will be subjected to/come under (close) scrutiny in the weeks before the election. 2. be subjected to/come under scrutiny: The figures are likely to come under close scrutiny.
109 secrecy
110 seism
111 slip
112 sophistication
113 specimens
114 spectrum
115 surpassed
116 surveyors
117 susceptible
118 sustenance
119 tedious task
120 transient memory
121 treasured resources
122 unrivalled
123 vehement
124 visually impaired
125 vouch
126 weary
127 willful
128 wretched