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1 #ESL12 Well, I love going out to restaurants to eat. One of the best experiences I’ve had recently was at a place here in Los Angeles called Il Fornaio. It’s an Italian restaurant in a very nice part of Beverly Hills. I don’t go there very often—(I can’t really afford it), but (every once and awhile) (I’ll treat myself.) The last time I went, I (walked in) with a friend and I was greeted by the (hostess=woman-host=man). She asked how many people were in my party, and I said, “Just two.” “(Right this way!=az in taraf) I’ll show you to your table” she said. She was very polite. When we reached our table by the window, she asked us, “Is this all right?” We said, “Of course!,” and then she (handed) us the menus, (along with the wine list= همراه با لیست شراب.) The place setting with the (silverware= ظروف نقره ای) was very complete. There were two forks (one for the salad course, one for the main course), a spoon, a knife, a dinner plate, a dessert spoon on top, a wine glass and a water glass, a cup and (saucer= نعلبکی) for coffee, and a bread basket. I was already getting hungry! “You’re waiter will be with you shortly,” the hostess said. So we (looked over the menus)—so many choices, especially (for a lover برای یک عاشق) of Italian food like me. The waiter (came up) to the table a few minutes later and said, “Good evening. My name is Giorgio, and I’ll be your waiter this evening. Is there anything I can get you started with—a cocktail, a glass of wine?” Well, my friend and I are not exactly (big drinkers), so we just ordered a couple of (iced teas). “Would you like a few minutes to look at the menu?” he said. We nodded(سر تکان دادن) our heads, and he went off to get our drinks. As I was looking at the appetizers, (I spotted one of my favorite dishes من یکی از غذاهای مورد علاقه ام را دیدم)—crab cakes! I told my friend that the crab cakes were a must(من به دوستم گفتم که کیک خرچنگ یک چیز ضروری است). Just then(همین موقع) the waiter returned to our table, with our drinks on a large tray. I was ready to order.
2 * The frown on his face expressed his displeasure. to express – to present, show, or display one’s feelings or thoughts in a particular way
3 20/20 – perfect vision; the ability to see perfectly * Victor wanted to fly planes for the government, but he couldn’t because he didn’t have 20/20 vision."
4 acupuncture a treatment for pain by placing needles in the skin on certain parts of the body * Kim would never use acupuncture because she’s afraid of needles.
5 adjustment adaptation; change to fit into a new environment or place * It was hard for Sheila’s daughter to make the adjustment to going to daycare most of the day when Sheila went back to work full-time.
6 after which
7 after which after whichپس از آن before whichقبل از آن at whichکه در آن
8 all it needs "all it takes تمام چیزی که نیازه all it takes is a little charm and a little flattery(چاپلوسی) then the women will find you irresistible"
9 all natural without artificial ingredients; without man-made chemicals * His message at the talk was that If you’re worried about getting cancer, you should eat all natural foods because other foods have too many chemicals in them.
10 all the time always, it happens here in Tehran all the time
11 allotted – allowed and designated for a particular purpose * I should have allotted more time for studying for that exam. There is more material to learn than I thought.
12 along the way – over a period of time; while something else was happening; as something was developing, progressing, or changing * We’ve learned so much from Professor Reyes, and along the way, we made some great friends.
13 app – application; a program that can be installed on a smartphone or other electronic device to make it do something else * Our bank offers an app that lets customers check their account balance and pay bills on a smartphone.
14 attitude – outlook; perspective; how one views the world and reacts to it  * Miranda’s attitude about her work and her life has gotten a lot worse. Do you think she’s depressed? 
15 awesome – fantastic and great; wonderful; very cool * Wow, that ski trip was awesome! I’m so glad we went.
16 behind the wheel driving a car; being in control of a car * Truck drivers spend most of their day behind the wheel.
17 belt "– a wide band of rubber (soft plastic) that moves along the counter at a checkout lane to move groceries from the end where the shopper is taking items from their cart to the other end where the cashier is checking prices * Please don’t let your child play with the belt! His fingers might get caught underneath it and I don’t want him to get hurt. – کمربند خیلی محکم ضربه زدن– ==> “The baseball player belted the ball and it flew over the fence.” – sing very loudly(inf) ==> “At the college football game, the fans from our school belted out our school song when one of the players scored a touchdown to win the game.”"
18 billing error – a mistake in calculating the amount of money that is owed * I was billed twice last month. Could you please check to see if your system made a billing error?
19 bloated uncomfortably full of food, gas, or water * I drank too much soda with lunch and now I feel bloated.
20 blurry – unclear; without detailed lines; not sharp * After the book got wet, the words on the pages were very blurry and difficult to read."
21 by the mean of بوسیله ی
22 cart " – a large basket with wheels and a handle that is pushed through a store by a shopper, who fills it with the items that he or she wants to purchase * Every time I go to the grocery store, I get a cart that has broken wheels! چرخ فروشگاه"
23 cash back "– money in cash (dollars and coins) that one receives at the end of a debit-card transaction by adding that amount to the total amount of the purchase * Going to the bank to get cash is inconvenient, so we usually ask for cash back at the grocery store instead."
24 charm – the power to attract other people and make them feel comfortable * Marjorie has such wonderful charm. Everyone loves spending time with her.خوش صحبت"
25 close quarters – cramped or crowded space; a room with little space for the people in it * In college, I lived with three other guys in a small apartment. Those close quarters made it hard to have any privacy.
26 cloth bag کیسه پارچه ای
27 club card " – a membership card that gives shoppers lower prices on many items * With a club card, my favorite ice cream is only $1.50 this week."
28 clueless سربه هوا– unaware of what is happening; having no understanding or ability to deal with the world around one  * Marcus is clueless about what is happening with his employees while he is out of the office. 
29 coaching – training, especially in athletics; instructions in how to play a sport or perform some other physical activity * When Ivan won a gold medal, Jennifer felt that all of the years she spent coaching him was worthwhile.
30 comforts of home things found in the home that make life more pleasant; things that make you feel comfortable and happy at home * After two weeks of hiking in the mountains, we were ready to enjoy the comforts of home: a hot bath, good food, and a soft bed.
31 compatible سازگار This car is Bluetooth compatible, so when your cell phone rings, a voice on your car’s radio will announce who is calling you.
32 complementary something that is added to something else to make it complete; putting things together that make each part even better * We chose to send our son to that school because its classes are complementary to what we teach him at home.
33 computer savvy knowledgeable about computers * Today, children are often more computer savvy than their parents are.
34 considerate – thoughtful of another person’s feelings; careful not to hurt someone else’s feelings * Manuel is the most considerate person I know. He always thinks before he speaks, and he never says anything that would hurt someone else’s feelings. ملاحظه
35 contacts – contact lenses; thin pieces of plastic that are worn over one’s eyes to help one see better * It’s important to wash your hands before you put in your contacts, so that you don’t get an infection."
36 coupon "– a small piece of paper usually cut from an advertisement or a newspaper that gives a shopper a lower price on a particular item * Brice found a coupon for $0.35 off his favorite brand of shampoo in the magazine.کوپن"
37 curfew مقررات حکومت نظامی وخاموشی در ساعت معین شب – the time in the evening after which one must be home; the latest time that one is allowed to be outside of the home in the evening  * Does 10:00 p.m. seem like a reasonable curfew for a 16-year-old girl? 
38 cut that out! – a rude (not polite) expression meaning “Stop that!” or “Stop doing what you’re doing!” * Can you please cut that out? I can’t talk on the phone while you’re making so much noise!
39 disappointment – a feeling of dissatisfaction when something is not as good as one hoped it would be  * We left the restaurant with a feeling of disappointment. The food had not been as good as we expected from reading the reviews. 
40 Do you mind if I join you? " – May I accompany you? Would it bother (annoy) you if I joined you in what you’re doing?"
41 Do you need any help out? " – a phrase used by grocery store cashiers to ask shoppers if they want someone to help them carry their purchases to their car * The cashier asked me if I needed any help out, but I said “no” because I only had one small bag of groceries."
42 driver's manual a handbook of rules and laws that tells drivers what they can and cannot do while driving on public roads * All of the answers to questions on written driver’s test can be found in a driver’s manual.
43 driver’s ed short for driver’s education; this is a class available in many high schools that teaches students to drive and about the rules for driving * Driver’s ed seems to be the only class that teenagers don’t mind taking.
44 earache a pain in the ear * If a bad earache isn’t treated, the infection can cause a loss of hearing.
45 every (something) under the sun – having many different types of something; having a lot of something or all of something * This kitchen has every upgrade under the sun: stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, an eight-burner gas stove, and more!
46 express checkout fast checkout lanes
47 eye chart – a piece of paper that hangs on a wall and is used to test one’s ability to see; it has letters in rows – letters are biggest in the top rows and smallest in the bottom rows * When I was a child, I could easily read all the letters on the eye chart, but now I can only read the top two rows without my glasses."
48 fab – fabulous; wonderful; very beautiful, glamorous, and nice * Did you see that fab sweater Yoko was wearing?
49 faint – very slight; almost unnoticeable; barely * Can you hear that music? It’s very faint, but you can hear it if you stand very still.
50 far-sighted – able to see things that are far away, but not able to see things that are near * Olga wears glasses only when she’s reading or when she’s working at the computer because she’s far-sighted."
51 feature ویژگی– characteristic; something special that a product offers * This printer has a lot of features, including high-speed printing, wireless connections, and a built-in fax machine.
52 foul – very unpleasant * We went to that restaurant last week, and we were served the foulest food we’d ever tasted. It was horrible!
53 frame – the piece of metal or plastic that is worn over one’s ears and in front of one’s face that holds lenses (pieces of clear plastic or glass) in front of one’s eyes to help one see better; the metal or plastic part of a pair of glasses * Have you seen Jacob’s new glasses? The frames make his look older and smarter." قاب ==> I framed my old pictures( as a verb)
54 generosity سخاوت – willing to share one’s time and money with others; not selfish * Thank you for the year-end bonus. I really appreciate your generosity!
55 gigantic – very large; huge * The city bought a gigantic statue of Abraham Lincoln and placed it in front of the state capitol.
56 gimmick an unusual or clever trick to encourage people to buy something * His sales gimmicks were so annoying that most people left the store without buying anything. حیله
57 glasses eyeglasses
58 grateful – thankful; the feeling of appreciating something * Maxine was very grateful when her husband said that he would take care of cooking and washing the dishes while she rested last night."
59 gratitude – feelings of thankfulness; wanting to t * A handwritten card does a better job of showing gratitude than a quickly typed email
60 heartburn – a burning pain in the chest, usually caused by something you ate * Whenever Dad eats pizza, he gets a bad case of heartburn. سوزش معده
61 herbal supplements medicines or vitamins that are made from plants * My aunt drinks teas as herbal supplements during the winter so that she doesn’t get sick. مکمل های گیاهی
62 holiday promotion activities to increase sales during the holiday season, usually in November and December * The store’s holiday promotions are incredible! They sell everything at 30% off of its regular price.
63 humungous – extremely large; huge; gigantic * That’s a humungous serving of pasta! There’s no way one person could eat all that.
64 idyllic perfect; without problems; peaceful and beautiful * We had an idyllic vacation in the Caribbean. The beaches were beautiful and quiet, and we were able to forget about all of our problems.
65 if you’ll excuse me… – a polite phrase used to ask for permission to end a conversation so that one can do something else or to leave a place * I’ve really enjoyed talking with you, but if you’ll excuse me, I need to get home.
66 impersonal – not showing emotion or a personal relationship; feeling distant and without feelings of warmth or closeness * Gifts to coworkers should be impersonal, like a box of chocolates. Never give them clothing or perfume.
67 in error – mistakenly; incorrectly; wrongly * The man was in error when he said that his neighbor’s daughter threw the ball that broke his window. It was someone else. در اشتباه بودن
68 in no time – very soon; in a very short period of time * Jake types very quickly so he was able to finish the report in no time.
69 in public تو جمع
70 in-laws the parents of one’s husband or wife * Ever since my parents died, my in-laws have treated me like their own son.
71 incidentals extra costs not included in the basic cost of the hotel room * If she had known how expensive the incidentals were, she wouldn’t have ordered room service.
72 inroad progress; advancement * Japanese car companies rapidly made inroads into the U.S. automobile industry.
73 intersection where two roads from different directions meet and form a cross * Drivers have to worry about other cars and pedestrians at all intersections.
74 intuitive – easy to understand; making sense to a person so that one does not need to read the instructions in order to use or do something * Graphic computer programs that use icons are more intuitive than computer programs where the user has to type commands in a programming language.
75 inventory a complete list of what is in a place, such as the products a store has available for sale * We are closing our store for two days to do an inventory of what we have in the store.
76 irresistible – impossible to deny; impossible to say no to * Carina is on a diet, but she never loses weight because chocolate cake is irresistible for her.مقاومت ناپذیر"
77 it's as easy as that به همن سادگیه
78 I’d like to get to know you better – I want to learn more about you; I want to know you better; I’d like to become your friend (or maybe a boyfriend or girlfriend) * Pierre said he’d like to get to know me better, so we’re having dinner together this Friday."
79 lane "– a narrow (small and long) area in a grocery store where shoppers stand in a line to wait for a cashier to help them make their purchases * I wanted to use the express lane at the grocery store, but in that lane, people can pay only with cash and I needed to use a credit card. – the space between LINES through the roads thet the cars should be moved there."
80 laser eye surgery – a surgery (operation; medical procedure) where a laser beam makes a small cut in or changes the shape of one’s eyes to help one see better * Youngwoo couldn’t see anything before his laser eye surgery, but now his sight is perfect!"
81 lasting permanent; continuing for a long time * Living in another country has a lasting impact. It often makes people more respectful of cultural differences and more interested in world news. بادوام
82 lonely sad to not be with other people; sad to be by oneself * He feels very lonely when his wife has to travel for work.
83 long face an expression of sadness on someone’s face; the look on a person’s face when they are unhappy * He had such a long face when he got home from work that we immediately knew something was wrong.
84 massive وزن زیاد– very large; very big and heavy * The interviewers sat behind a massive marble desk as each applicant entered the room to be interviewed.
85 more likely than ever more likely now than anytime before; more probable than before * Harold’s boss yelled at him yesterday in front of all of the other employees, and now it’s more likely than ever that he’ll quit his job. محتمل تر از همیشه
86 nauseous sick to one’s stomach; a feeling that one wants to vomit or throw up * Standing on the roof of a tall building and looking down makes me feel nauseous.
87 near-sighted – able to see things that are near, but not able to see things that are far away * He’s near-sighted, so he couldn’t see the movie without his glasses."
88 no skin off my nose – something that does not matter to someone because it does not affect him or her; it doesn’t matter to me * Jacqueline can sit in the front seat if she wants to. It’s no skin off my nose.
89 nostalgic nostalgic – sad when remembering a past time or a place far away that is part of a happy memory * I felt nostalgic when I thought about how my brother and I used to play together when we were children.
90 obey اطاعت کردن
91 office manager – a person who is responsible for the administration and daily operations of an office * The office manager will help you write a job description and hire a new employee.
92 on (one’s) own without other people; by oneself * Do you live on your own or do you have a roommate?
93 on duty working; at work * The security guards aren’t allowed to make personal phone calls while they’re on duty.
94 optometrist – a doctor for the eyes; a doctor who studies eye problems and helps people see better * The optometrist said that I should wear glasses whenever I drive at night."
95 overage charge استفاده بیش از حد/پرخوری کردن– a fee paid when one uses too much of something; money that must be paid if one goes over certain limits * Last month, I used my cell phone more than usual, so I had to pay some overage charges.
96 overprotective – taking care of someone too much; being too responsible for another person’s safety and wellbeing, especially making decisions for that person  * Gregor is overprotective of his girlfriend. He won’t let her walk anywhere alone at night. 
97 parallel parking parking a car next to the sidewalk in between two cars, with one in front and one in back * Parallel parking is not easy, and even good drivers try to avoid it if they can.
98 past due – overdue; not paid on time and still needing to be paid; an outstanding balance * Your account is 45 days past due. If we do not receive your payment by the end of the month, we will cut off your electric service.
99 pedestrian any person walking on a sidewalk, street, or road * Since pedestrians are harder to see at night, it’s a good idea to wear bright colored clothes if you plan to walk home.
100 pep talk – a short, encouraging, motivational speech before an important game or competition * The coach ends all his pep talks by saying, “Now go out there and win!”
101 perfume – a liquid with a strong, pleasant smell, used by women to make themselves more attractive, usually placed on the wrists and neck * The smell of her perfume quickly filled the elevator, and people began to cough.
102 permission – approval to do, have, or use something  * All of the students need their parents’ permission before they can go on the field trip. 
103 player "informal: مردی که خیلی با زنها قرار میذاره – a man who dates a lot of women, often at the same time"
104 precisely – exactly; very accurately * The earthquake happened at precisely 3:48 p.m. yesterday.
105 prefix preposition
106 prescription – a piece of paper that a doctor uses to write the type of medicine or glasses that a patient needs * After I left the doctor’s office, I took my prescription to the drugstore so that I could get my medication. نسخه"
107 price tag – the sales price; how much something costs * We dreamed of buying a new home until we started looking at the price tags and realized we didn’t have enough savings.
108 puny – very small and weak * He has the puniest arm muscles I’ve every seen!
109 put them down "بذارشون پایین Just put those down on the belt and push the cart through, please."
110 receptionist – a person who answers the phones and speaks to people when they first enter an office building * Our receptionist always knows who is in the office, who has left for lunch, and who is on vacation.
111 record ثبت/سابقه– written, detailed information; documentation of what has happened * All of the details about the theft are in the police record.
112 ringer – an athlete used to substitute for another player to gain an advantage against the rules * The coach was tired of losing every game and decided to put two ringers on the team who are older than is allowed.
113 road test a test taken when applying for a driver’s license where drivers drive with the examiner in the car to make sure that the person can drive properly and follow the rules * She had no problems getting her driver’s license after getting a perfect score on the road test.
114 sales cycle the same time of year when there are very high or low sales * Most types of products have predictable sales cycles. For example, sales of school supplies and children’s clothing are highest right before the school year begins.
115 sappy احساساتی– with too much emotion; sentimental, foolish, and exaggerated * Why do you watch those sappy movies? They always make you cry.
116 sense of smell – the ability to smell things and/or to recognize something by its smell * Dogs have a great sense of smell, so police officers use them to help find drugs in suitcases at airports.
117 several departments in the big stores "/meat department /seafood department /frozen foods: department” is usually a store “aisle” (row) of refrigerators to keep foods cold. It offers frozen meats, frozen microwaveable meals, frozen fruits and vegetables, frozen juices, ice cream, and more. /produce department: میوه فروشی /“ethnic foods department” where shoppers can find unusual food items that are associated with a particular culture, such as Mexican,"
118 sharp – clear; definite; having detailed lines; not blurry * They don’t like the painting, because the lines are very sharp and unnatural."
119 size – a measure of how large or small something is * Is this shirt available in a medium size?
120 skeptical doubtful; not believing; questioning * Why are you so skeptical about being able to pass the test? You’ve studied for weeks and I think you’re going to do very well.
121 smooth کسی که خوب مخ میزنه
122 so that به طوری که Close the door so that the cold air doesn't come in.
123 sore throat a burning pain in one’s throat * My mother taught me that whenever I have a sore throat, I should drink a lot of orange juice and hot tea with lemon.
124 sorted out مرتب کردن/سروسامان دادن/درست کردن– arranged and organized so that a solution can be found * It took us a while to get all the details sorted out, but now we’re finally ready to proceed.
125 spa services – health or beauty treatments * Aunt Juanita owns a beauty salon that offers spa services, such as manicures and massages. خدمات زیبایی
126 statement صورتحساب– a written report about all activity in an account over the past month or other period of time * The bank statement shows that we spent more than $600 in restaurants last month.
127 stay the amount of time spent somewhere; a visit * I enjoyed my weekend stay with my good friends in San Diego.
128 stiff difficult to move * My body is so stiff today because I went running yesterday for the first time in six months. بدن کوفته
129 stiff شق و رق – not natural or relaxed; forced, artificial, and too formal * Kate is usually so outgoing and friendly. Why do you think she was so stiff when we introduced her to Perry?
130 stomachache a pain in the stomach * Jenny has a stomachache because she ate too much junk food this afternoon.
131 stuffy nose the feeling that something is in one’s nose which makes it difficult to breathe * Grandpa always has a stuffy nose when he visits their house. Maybe he’s allergic to their cats.
132 suffer رنج بردن nobody in history has suffered as much as we have.
133 symptom a problem with one’s body that shows that someone isn’t healthy * The symptoms of the flu include fever, body aches, and tiredness. علایم بیماری
134 tabloid " – a newspaper with scandalous (shocking) stories about unusual events or famous people, usually which cannot or should not be believed * Reading the tabloids is a waste of time. Why don’t you read about world news instead? مجله زرد"
135 teeny-tiny – very small; extremely tiny * This teeny-tiny pill is extremely powerful. Be careful to only take one within 12 hours.
136 thoughtfulness اندیشه – a state of being considerate; thinking about other people’s needs and feelings * I’ve always admired Brenda’s thoughtfulness. She’s the kind of person who brings chicken soup when anyone is feeling sick.
137 to admit (someone) to send someone to a clinic or hospital for special care, usually overnight * When the doctor couldn’t identify the cause of Carly’s symptoms, he admitted her to the hospital for more tests.
138 to air (something) out – to make air move around something so that it becomes fresher and better-smelling * If you don’t have time to wash your gym socks, at least air them out before you put them back on.
139 to ask her out پیشنهاد دوستی دادن
140 to be positive to have no doubt; to be certain; to be confident that one is correct * Are you positive that this is the way to the museum? If not, I think we should stop and ask for directions.
141 to be prescribed to have something, usually medicine, recommended in writing by a doctor to treat pain or an illness * The doctor told her that she should never take medicine that was prescribed for someone else.
142 to be schooled یه درس حسابی دادن– to be taught a lesson; to be punished and/or shown in an aggressive way how one has been wrong in the past * Remember to change your passwords regularly, or you’re going to be schooled by hackers and identity thieves.
143 to be switched to be exchanged with something else; to be mistaken for something else * Would you please switch seats with me? I am too short to see the stage from here.
144 to be tied up – to be busy doing something; to be unable to do something because one has to finish something else first * Chandy wanted to have lunch with Kevin, but she was tied up with her work and wasn’t able to meet him at the restaurant.
145 to be up for (something) to be willing to participate; to be willing to do something * Do you think you’ll be up for a movie tonight after work?
146 to bolt – to run away very quickly and suddenly * The bride stood outside of the church when suddenly she bolted and ran away.
147 to break a sweat – to work hard; to exert a lot of effort * Sheila can run 10 miles without breaking a sweat.
148 to capitalize on to take advantage of, to profit from * The team capitalized on its early lead and won the game by more than 20 points.
149 to come and go to appear and disappear; to arrive and leave * Ella is tired because she was coming and going all day yesterday, between her house, her work, the school, and store.
150 to come down to – to be as simple as; a phrase used when presenting something as a simple explanation * A lot of people have detailed theories about picking numbers, but winning the lottery comes down to luck.
151 to come up short – to not meet expectations; to disappoint  * That new employee seemed so well qualified, but her job performance really came up short. 
152 to come up with (something) to think of something, usually a new idea or a solution to a problem * How did you come up with that idea? I’ve never heard anything like it before.
153 to confess to admit, I should admit I'm a player(someone who is looking for a girl to have date all the time)
154 to cope to manage or to deal with a difficult situation * She isn’t coping very well with her mother’s death. I wish I knew how to help her.
155 to crush بدجور شکست دادن– to destroy and ruin; to beat very badly; to win by a lot * Our team was crushed in last year’s tournament, but we’re hoping to play better this year.
156 to determine "تعیین کردن she shoud determine where and when we can meet"
157 to dispute to disagree about something, especially to challenge the accuracy of something; to argue * The two countries are disputing ownership of the islands in the sea between their two territories.
158 to embarrass – to make someone feel self-aware and ashamed  * Brandon’s parents embarrassed him by kissing him good-bye in front of his friends.
159 to expand – to grow; to get bigger * The use of cell phones is expanding to many people over the age of 65.
160 to forgive and forget – to stop fighting, apologize, and behave as if a fight had never happened; to reconcile and be friends again * The brothers had a huge fight five years ago and stopped talking to each other, but last week, they finally decided to forgive and forget.
161 to get on (one’s) case گیر دادن به کسی/غر زدن – to bother someone by talking about what he or she is doing wrong; to nag  * My mother always gets on my case about how I dress just because I like to wear torn jeans and t-shirts with holes in them. 
162 to get on (someone’s) nerves – to annoy someone; to irritate someone * I love my sister, but we really get on each other’s nerves sometimes.
163 to get the inside scoop – to get information that isn’t available to most people; to get information that only a few people have * Many people read People magazine to get the inside scoop about the lives of famous actors and actresses.
164 to go for "– to choose; to select * If I had to choose between a vacation in Asia or Europe, I’d probably go for Asia, because I’ve always wanted to visit India."
165 to go for - to go for In this podcast, the phrasal verb “to go for” means to select something or to choose something: “I’m so thirsty! I could really go for a large glass of water.” “To go for it” means to try to be successful at something, usually something that may be difficult: “People have always told me that I’m too short to be a professional dancer, but my teacher convinced me to go for it.” Another similar phrasal verb “to go into (something)” means to join an organization, especially if it’s related to one’s career: “He went into the army when he was 18 years old, and now he’s a captain.” The phrasal verb “to go on about (something)” means to talk about something for a long time, usually while complaining or boring the listener: “Denzel was so boring at the party! He just went on and on about his job and he didn’t let anyone else talk.”"
166 to go for a drink " – to go to a bar or restaurant to drink an alcoholic beverage, such as beer or wine"
167 to gravitate toward متمایل شدن به چیزی– to be attracted and drawn toward something; to be very interested in and to want to have or do something * As the speaker ended her talk, everyone gravitated toward the buffet.
168 to have a plane to catch to need to go to the airport for a flight; to have an airplane ticket for a flight that is leaving soon * She has a plane to catch in three hours and she still hasn’t packed. She needs to hurry!
169 to hold (one’s) breath – to not breathe, usually to avoid smelling something or to avoid making a noise * When we go in there, hold your breath! The air is full of poisonous gases.
170 to impress "تحت تاثیر قرار دادن I tried to impress her by my flattery words"
171 to keep (someone) – to not let someone do what he or she wants or needs to do; to prevent someone from doing what he or she wants or needs to do; to use too much of someone else’s time; to delay someone * Thank you for waiting for me! I didn’t mean to keep you so long.
172 to keep (something) up – to continue to do something * You played really well in the basketball game yesterday! If you keep it up, you’ll be the next team captain.
173 to long for (something) to strongly want something; to have a strong wish for something * They have been studying very hard for final exams, and now that the exams are over, they’re longing for summer vacation.
174 to lose feeling not to be able to feel anything; to have no feeling in a part of one’s body * Karen slept on her right arm, and when she woke up, she realized that she had lost feeling in her hand.
175 to mask – to cover something else; to make it impossible to see, smell, hear, or perceive something else * Yu-Lin tried to use makeup to mask her acne.
176 to miss to be incorrect; to make an error; to be wrong, usually on a test * How many questions did you miss on the final exam?
177 to nag – to repeatedly ask or remind someone to do something, in an annoying way  * Why do so many wives nag their husbands about putting down the toilet seat?
178 to not be able to stand (something) – to not be able to tolerate something; to be frustrated and tired of something * I can’t stand the way my girlfriend is always trying to tell me what to do with my free time.
179 to not smell right – to seem suspicious; to give the impression that something is wrong or dishonest * Those sales figures seem too high. Something doesn’t smell right. Can you check them for me?
180 to officially notify to report ; to provide information on something * The gas company asks residents to report any gas leaks.
181 to permeate نفوذ کردن – to be present in every part of something; to be found throughout something * The sound of laughter permeates the air at school during recess.
182 to pick out – to select; to choose  * Could you help me pick out a good paint color for the baby’s bedroom? 
183 to pump (someone) for information – to try to get a lot of information from someone; to use someone as a source of information * The reporter was pumping the politician’s assistant for information about their plans for the next election.
184 to recruit – to get someone to enroll or participate in an organization, company, or activity * How did you recruit so many qualified applicants for the high school science teacher position?
185 to reflect – to show; to indicate; to result from * This report reflects the auditor’s conclusions of the company’s financial position.
186 to renovate – to improve a room or building by rebuilding, expanding, and/or redecorating it * They’re going to renovate their house by adding another bathroom.
187 to run a little late – to be a little bit behind schedule; to be doing things later than one had planned; to not be on time * I called the company to let them know that I was running a little late this morning, but that I would be at the office by 8:45.
188 to screw up to make a mistake * Every time I try to help my wife in the kitchen, I screw it up and ruin our meal.
189 to see through rose-colored glasses to see something as being better than it really is; to see only the good and not the bad * Ever since they got married, they’re always so happy and optimistic! They’re seeing the world through rose-colored glasses.
190 to send (someone) up/ to send (someone) in – to give someone permission to go upstairs to a specific office; to tell someone to go to a particular office * When the electrician gets here, please send him up to the 14th floor to fix those lights. sent him in==>if the destination is on the same floor
191 to shoot the breeze – to have a relaxed conversation about things that aren’t important * Aleksay doesn’t really like fishing, but he does like spending time on the boat, just shooting the breeze with his friends.
192 to signal to let someone or something know what you’re going to do; to get someone’s attention * When our plane crash-landed on an island, we tried to build a fire to signal for help.
193 to slash prices to greatly reduce prices, usually during a sale * When one company slashes prices, many competing companies feel pressured to do the same because they fear losing their customers. شکستن قیمتها
194 to slurp – to make a loud noise while drinking a beverage * I really hope that the kids will remember not to slurp their soup at dinner tonight.
195 to stick with (someone) – to support and be loyal to someone, especially during difficult times * The employees who stuck with us during the recession were rewarded when the economy improved.
196 to swear by to believe in; to rely on; to trust in * Manuel swears by carrots as the key to a long life because his grandfather eats them every day and he is 103 years old.
197 to swipe " – to quickly move one’s card through an electronic machine that gets information from the card about the cards’ owners and their accounts * I swiped my credit card four times, but the machine couldn’t read it, so the cashier had to type in the account number by hand. to steal(inf) ==> دزدیدن, پیچوندن, کش رفتن "
198 to throw up – to vomit; for the contents one one’s stomach to come up and out through one’s mouth when one is sick or very nervous or frightened * I think I would throw up if I tried to eat insects.
199 to try my luck "The company wanted to hire someone with 10 years of experience and I only had three, but I decided to try my luck and apply for the job anyway."
200 to unbox – to take something out of its box for the first time; to open a new product * When you unbox the microwave, be sure to save the packaging so we can reuse it when we move.
201 to wrap things up – to finish something so that one is available to do something else; to end something * Let’s hurry up and wrap things up so that we can go home for the evening.
202 to yield to make way for someone or something; to allow someone else to go before you * When people are rushing home after work, many of them forget to yield to the people trying to cross the street.
203 truce – an agreement to stop fighting * Jill has been fighting with her roommate all week. Her roommate wants to call a truce, but Jill isn’t interested. She’s still too angry. آتش بس
204 truckload – the amount that would fill one truck; the amount of something that can be carried by one truck; a large amount * They used two truckloads of river rocks to decorate the area in front of the building.
205 true enough – a phrase used to show that one agrees with what another person has said * - This special milk is too expensive! * - True enough, but it’s better for your health.
206 types of smells stale کهنه– not fresh; old and used * The bread won’t become stale as quickly if we keep it in a closed plastic bag. musty پوسیده– slightly wet and bad-smelling because something hasn’t had enough air moving around it * The basement is really musty. Would it help to put a fan down there? putrid متعفن – dead and decaying, with a very bad smell * They couldn’t understand why their entryway had such a putrid smell until they found the dead rat under their front porch. nasty تند و زننده – very unpleasant and disgusting; gross * Why would anyone want to live in such a nasty apartment building? burnt – damaged by fire; damaged by being burned * After the fire, a few pieces of burnt wood were all that was left of the building. smoky – with a lot of the smelly, hot, grey air that is produced by a fire * Let’s open the flue in the chimney before we start the fire, or else the whole room will get smoky. scented – with a pleasant smell * Do you like to use scented soap when you take a bath? to stink – to have a very bad smell * That blue cheese stinks! I don’t know how you can eat it.
207 unoccupied free – available; not busy with something else; * Are you free to go with me to the movies on Saturday night?
208 usage plan – an agreement with a phone company about how much one will pay for a certain number of phone minutes and/or Internet data * This usage plan gives us 300 daytime minutes each month, plus unlimited calls on nights and weekends.
209 vision – sight; one’s ability to see * Elvira’s vision has always been bad. Even when she was a child she had to wear thick, heavy glasses. -- چشم انداز"
210 vision test a test taken when applying for a driver’s license to check how well a person can see * There is little chance that she’ll pass the vision test if she doesn’t wear her glasses.
211 walk-in to go into a business or an office without an appointment where you usually need an appointment to be served * I missed my appointment and tried to see my hair stylist as a walk-in.
212 what does (one) have to lose? it can’t hurt and it might help * He should apply for the job. What does he have to lose? If they say no, he’ll still have his old job, but if they say yes, he’ll have more interesting work.
213 wholeheartedly از صمیم قلب– completely and entirely, without any reservation, doubt, or hesitation * Omar wholeheartedly supported his wife’s decision to go back to school.
214 with flying colors easily; without difficulty * Having studied all week, she passed the test with flying colors.
215 worst possible case بدترین حالت ممکن
216 written test امتحان کتبی
217 you’ve got to be kidding me – you must be joking; I can’t believe what I’m hearing; you can’t be serious * You were never allowed to watch TV when you were growing up? You’ve got to be kidding me!