Business - Organisational structure (12 Cards)
 by Issy Peacock
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1 Authority The right to command and make decisions
2 Centralisation A type of business organisation where major decisions are made at the centre or core of the organisation and then passed down the chain of command
3 Chain of command The way authority and power is organised in an organisation
4 Decentralisation A type of business organisation where decision making is pushed down the chain of command and away from the centre of the organisation
5 Delayering Removing layers of management from the heirarchy of an organisation
6 Delegation Authority to pass down from superior to subordinate
7 Formal organisation The internal structure of a business as shown by an organisational chart
8 Hierarchy The order or levels of responsibility in an organisation, from the lowest to the highest
9 Organisational chart A diagram that shows the different job roles in a business and how they relate to each other
10 Responsibility The duty to complete a task
11 Span of control The number of people a person is directly responsible for in a business
12 Subordinates People in the hierarchy who work under the control of a senior worker