Sample Cards (16 Cards)
 by Rattikan K.
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1 abroad He's been studying abroad.
2 awaken A sleep from which she will never awaken.
3 border The border guards have found a human thief at the pool of jewels.
4 causality I'm saying there maybe a causality.
5 concentrate Can you just concentrate, please?
6 confused I'm sorry, I'm confused.
7 consider You should consider the fact that she has a lot of big secrets.
8 disappointed I was scared you'd be disappointed with domestic life.
9 disturb Sorry to disturb, Your Majesty.
10 entrusted Secretly, he entrusted the safety of the child.
11 evidence I never once simply found any signs or evidence of intrusion.
12 exhausted I'm exhausted, and hungry, and cranky.
13 paranoid Anybody ever tell you, you're a little paranoid.
14 regret If you don't, you'll regret it.
15 spilled Our people's blood is spilled on foreign soil.
16 witness You spoke to my witness before me?